Category: Grilling

  • Hurricane Grilling

    Hurricane Irene blew through yesterday and this morning. Thankfully we are West enough and high enough to not have any significant issues. We definitely got our share of rain and wind. All of the bridges and a lot of the roads that lead to our house are flooded out. It could take days for the…

  • Triple Digit Grilling

    It reached 100 degrees F. today. That’s pretty hot if you ask me. So why not celebrate the head buy firing up the grill. Tonight I did a basic chuck roast cut in half (to keep the cook time down thus not burning the outside) with a horseradish mustard glaze. Horseradish Mustard Glaze Two heaping…

  • Quick Grill Day 2

    Its very hot out so long grilling sessions are not in the cards. Tonight was pineapple and cheesy bread.

  • Quick Grill

    Grilled up some brats from Blooming Glen Pork and some olive bread from Saint Peter’s Bakery tonight. Delicious! I love supporting local businesses. I forgot to get a picture while everything was on the grill. This will have to do.

  • Alsace Pizza

    We make a lot of pizza on the grill in this house. Tonight we made something different. Inspired by the French/German region known as Alsace, we made a delicious pizza. We used our regular pizza dough recipe (which I need to post another time), topped with a light coating of creme fraiche, smoked mozzarella cheese,…