The Search for a new Grill

Its time for a new grill. My trusty CharBroil has seen better days. The question is, what should I get? The CharBroils now do not use cast aluminim which is a major bummer for me though most grills have stopped using it overall. I’m leaning to a Weber Genesis over the Spirit for more cooking room. While having a sear burning would be nice, its not financially prudent. Or I could buy another CharBroil. The Webers are nice because they come with a 10 year warranty. I don’t know. Share your opinion if you have one.






2 responses to “The Search for a new Grill”

  1. Stan Avatar

    I have been happy with my Genesis Gold grill that I purchased back in 2004. I cannot believe that was 7 years ago now and frankly, it is still just as good as new. I have no doubt this grill will easily last another 3 years and then I will only have to replace a few of the elements inside of the grill itself. I have had a few CharBroil products in the past as well and I was generally not happy with them soon after I purchased them. Their last grill I purchased was a charcoal grill that Betsy made me give away. All that thing did was frustrate me and make me ill and she told me that was what my day job was for.

    1. Robert Avatar

      Stan, I ended up going with the Genesis E-310. Decided against a side burner. I used the one I have only 2 or 3 times over the years. The warranties on the Weber parts seem very good. I’m prepared the replace the inside pieces in a few years but if the shell really does last for 25 years, that’s amazing and if it doesn’t then its under warranty. Next time we’re together, Erin will have to tell you the story of us getting the Charbroil off the Lowe’s truck. This time I went with free Amazon shipping.

      I’m working on refurbishing my Weber charcoal kettle. It needs a little paint and new air vents. Yeah, no need to upset with your grill. Work’s too good at doing that to us.