Category: Grilling

  • Quick Hotdogs

    Nothing fancy today. Just some Hebrew National hotdogs.

  • 2013 A New Year

    New things will be coming to this location. Hopefully soon.

  • Zucchini Galore

    So much zucchini that we put it on pizza. Also grilled up a bunch for a feta salad.

  • Random Kebabs

    I’m working on emptying my phone and putting up posts that I’ve slacked on. Here’s a picture from back in May. We don’t remember what kind of meat it was. I suspect beef with some sort of flavoring. 🙂

  • Sunday Smoking

    I need to work on “cleaning” out the freezer so I cooked up some tasty meat last Sunday. A 2.75 lb beef brisket in the middle with a pork country rib on each side. Here they are at the beginning of the 5 hours. I mopped every hour or so. It was a mix of…