Jul 06

Random Kebabs

I’m working on emptying my phone and putting up posts that I’ve slacked on. Here’s a picture from back in May. We don’t remember what kind of meat it was. I suspect beef with some sort of flavoring. 🙂


Apr 22

Sunday Smoking

I need to work on “cleaning” out the freezer so I cooked up some tasty meat last Sunday.
A 2.75 lb beef brisket in the middle with a pork country rib on each side.

Here they are at the beginning of the 5 hours.

I mopped every hour or so. It was a mix of beer, white vinegar and spices.

The final product.


I don’t have a picture of it but my new favorite dipping sauce came out of the cook book. “Texas Style” sauce – pan drippings mixed with ketchup. I wasn’t sure at first if it would be good but I loved it. The vinegar of the mop mixed with the spices and ketchup was delicious. Worked great with the beef.