Category: Homebrew

  • Preparing for St. Patrick’s Day

    I’m thinking about brewing a red ale for St. Patrick’s Day. The key will be fitting it in before we go away on vacation. I should have a few hours next weekend to brew between packing sessions.

  • Winter/Spring Cleaning

    We took the opportunity this weekend to start the clearing out process of beer. We finished up the Sam Adams Summer Ale clone I made in 2013. We also took a chunk out of the Pliny the Elder clone and my standard Amoeba Ale Batch 007 and 008 homebrew. I need to make room for…

  • The RIS Strikes Again

    For whatever the reason, this Russian Imperial Stout recipe has caused me consistent pain and suffering. I boiled it over in December 2012 while drinking a growler of too strong beer. Okay, maybe that was my fault. I brewed it again in January 2013. I spent the rest of the year trying/fighting (unsuccessfully) to lower…

  • First Beer Competition

    I entered my first beer competition today. I registered my Spiced Winter Ale and the Russian Imperial Stout that I fought with most of last year. I’m thinking about entering a third but that will depend on how it tastes tomorrow as I bottle it. I’ll post the score sheets once I get them. Unfortunately…

  • Happy 2014!

    Here’s to a new year hopefully filled with great homebrew and great BBQ. More to come soon.