The RIS Strikes Again

For whatever the reason, this Russian Imperial Stout recipe has caused me consistent pain and suffering.

  1. I boiled it over in December 2012 while drinking a growler of too strong beer. Okay, maybe that was my fault.
  2. I brewed it again in January 2013. I spent the rest of the year trying/fighting (unsuccessfully) to lower the gravity down under 1.038 (OG: 1.090). After a few months in a carboy and then bottles, it turned out pretty tasty in the end.
  3. Yesterday I brewed it again but this time came armed with a yeast starter. See below for the results. Spoiler alert: I almost blew up the fermentation bucket.

Wyeast #1098 British Ale Yeast Clogged Airlock Makeshift Blow-off Tube