Category: Grilling

  • The Search for a new Grill

    Its time for a new grill. My trusty CharBroil has seen better days. The question is, what should I get? The CharBroils now do not use cast aluminim which is a major bummer for me though most grills have stopped using it overall. I’m leaning to a Weber Genesis over the Spirit for more cooking…

  • Pork Grilling

    Since its just me this week, I grilled some pork cheese sausages and pork chops. That will keep me fed for a day or two.

  • Random Grilled Meat

    Cheese Brats Pork Chops in the dark Pork Chops with the flash. I need a grill light.

  • Boston Butt #2

    This was my 2nd Boston Butt I’ve cooked on the egg. I have a few more in the freezer to keep me busy this fall and winter. Started the butt around 10am. I was still drinking my coffee as you can see in the background. Egg! I cooked a small piece of sausage to hold…

  • Grill Week

    Taking a hint from Shark Week, I want to create Grill Week where I grill a different meal for an entire week. I need to create the menu and pick a week to do it.