Dec 09

Time for a change

I’ve been absent here for the past few months but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. Since July 2012 I’ve been working hard on a new hobby of homebrewing. That’s right, making beer. I haven’t done as much experimenting with the grills as my free time has been focused on brewing. I’m going to introduce homebrewing photos to this blog as I go. Don’t worry, grilling and BBQing are still things I love to do, especially while drinking something I created. Stay tuned. Its going to be a flavorful ride!

Pumpkin Ale

Jul 06

Memorial Day 2012

I only have a few picture from the calm Memorial Day this year. I did 5lbs of Blooming Glenn baby back ribs on the Big Green Egg. Threw on some hotĀ ItalianĀ sausage towards the end. Why the heck not.

Used my standard rub on the ribs. I finally managed to figure out how to remove the membrane from the backside. I was very pleased with myself.

Using the dedicated upside down v-rack provides a great foundation to keep the ribs upright.

The sausage fit perfectly around the ribs.