Month: July 2011

  • Triple Digit Grilling

    It reached 100 degrees F. today. That’s pretty hot if you ask me. So why not celebrate the head buy firing up the grill. Tonight I did a basic chuck roast cut in half (to keep the cook time down thus not burning the outside) with a horseradish mustard glaze. Horseradish Mustard Glaze Two heaping…

  • Quick Grill Day 2

    Its very hot out so long grilling sessions are not in the cards. Tonight was pineapple and cheesy bread.

  • Quick Grill

    Grilled up some brats from Blooming Glen Pork and some olive bread from Saint Peter’s Bakery tonight. Delicious! I love supporting local businesses. I forgot to get a picture while everything was on the grill. This will have to do.

  • Alsace Pizza

    We make a lot of pizza on the grill in this house. Tonight we made something different. Inspired by the French/German region known as Alsace, we made a delicious pizza. We used our regular pizza dough recipe (which I need to post another time), topped with a light coating of creme fraiche, smoked mozzarella cheese,…

  • Smoking Norway

    I didn’t get a picture of it but we saw a good sized offset smoker behind a restaurant here in Norway. Pretty cool. Maybe we should eat there tonight. 🙂