Category: Home Improvement

  • Back Breaking Work

    I have a lot of Home Improvement tasks in progress right now. مواقع العاب The big one for the weekend is the 6 cubic yards of mulch currently waiting for me in a big pile outside. Its going to be around 90 degrees Fahrenheit both days this weekend so we’ll see how much gets moved.

  • Mower Maintenance

    This morning was the yearly John Deere tune-up on the mower. replaced the oil filter replaced the fuel filter changed the oil replaced the spark plug sharpened the blades greased and lubed joints checked the belts checked the tire pressure checked the engine pressure He said we’re going to need new blades next year since…

  • Sunday Workday

    Its finally to the point where we need to finish the indoor projects so that once it gets warm, we can focus on the outdoor projects. Today will be prepping the 2nd guest room for painting (removing furniture, laying plastic, prepping walls) and insulating the basement pipes. I bought the insulation weeks ago but never…

  • More Inches Equals More Power

    There was a change of schedule this week. The new TV came today. Its great. I’m watching a DVD right now. I can’t wait to get the HD box tomorrow and additional cables later this week. I should be in great shape by the weekend. This is fantastic. I love it.

  • Talk About Random

    Today ended in a very bizarre way. We started with a trip to the bookstore and ended up with a 52″ TV from Amazon. You can’t beat a upgraded model, $310 cheaper price then Best Buy, free shipping, no tax and $200 at NFLShop.