GC Update Day #3

They have been able to determine that Cylinder #2 is misfiring. They are not sure why yet. They got it to act up a lot today on the road but they can’t reproduce it in the shop. They don’t have a dyno that the car can be “driven” on in the shop. The current theory is that its either the coil or the ignition module. They are leaning towards the coil. The plugs and wires look good. The investigation will continue into tomorrow at least.

2 thoughts on “GC Update Day #3

  1. If you’re misfiring on a particular cylinder, I agree it’s likely a coil pack (they control 2 plugs each on the 3.8 engine, I think) or the ignition module. If the wires are original I’d replace them too, it’s time.

    Whether this is good news or not, this isn’t going to be an expensive repair and you’ll be up and floating along again soon. 🙂

  2. They checked the wires and plugs and they looked good. After a few more days, they determined its the ignition module. Of course there’s a slight change it still could be the transmission but I rolled the dice and we’ll see what happens shortly.