Mar 30

GC Update – Following Week

Everything has been running smooth with the olde LeSabre. Its actually running quite well. I haven’t given it a long New Jersey work trip yet but that’ll come soon enough. I’ve done enough around here that I know its definitely fixed..for now.

Mar 24

GC Update Day #9

After a few days of no progress, the mechanic had a breakthrough on Monday. He determined that it was indeed the ignition module. Of course that is the more expensive part of the two but that’s just how things go. There’s a chance that the transmission is still a problem but there’s no way of telling until the ignition module is replaced. I’m picking up the Golden Cloud tomorrow morning. Its ready to go. I should know pretty quickly if the problem still exists. Lets hope not.

On a different note, we leave for New Zealand in a month. I can’t believe its almost here.

Mar 18

GC Update Day #3

They have been able to determine that Cylinder #2 is misfiring. They are not sure why yet. They got it to act up a lot today on the road but they can’t reproduce it in the shop. They don’t have a dyno that the car can be “driven” on in the shop. The current theory is that its either the coil or the ignition module. They are leaning towards the coil. The plugs and wires look good. The investigation will continue into tomorrow at least.

Mar 17

GC Update Day #2

The mechanic is no closer with knowing what is wrong with the car. He drove it this morning but it didn’t act up. He’s  going to try to get it out again today before the end of the day. Its going to be there another day at least. He’s pretty certain that its NOT the transmission but an issue with the engine itself. As he put it, it could be a quick $50 fix or a $500-$600 fix.

This really makes planning for a new car hard.

Mar 16

Golden Cloud Update

Its been a roller coaster day for the Golden Cloud. The mechanic told me this afternoon that he could not reproduce the problem and that it could have been a rock in the belt or something rubbing. He added an additive and said I could continue driving it until something really breaks done. I show up around 6:30 to pick it up and the story is different. When he moved it to park it out of the way, the engine encountered the issue…a lot. Enough that he said he went “Bang Bang Bang Bang”. He thinks it may be detonation but they are going to do more investigation tomorrow.

What is Detonation

Detonation Engine Basics