Apr 25

2009 Draft Day

The rumors are flying again that the Eagles will pick up a QB in the first round. Its unbelievable if that happens. Seriously what the hell is going on down there. They better do something productive like picking up a  O or D lineman. Only time will tell and I will be all ready for disappointment by late afternoon.

Apr 19

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Along with the warm weather are some drawbacks, like yellowjackets. They are back in 2009 in full force. Yesterday we found them in their usually hiding place under the corner of the siding on the garage. We also found them in some new places while we were out measuring for the potential new patio. They built an enormous nest in the light fixture outside of the basement sliding doors. They also started a small nest in the light by outside kitchen door. I got distracted last night with grilling and GH: Metallica so I went out this morning and sprayed the hell out of them. I wonder what I can do to prevent them from coming back…

Apr 11

Saturday House Work

Busy day at the house. I rebuilt the guest room with the old/new queen bed and put back all the furniture and curtains. Once that was finished, I put up the new curtains in the dining room. That actually was pretty easy. I’m known to experience great frustration while hanging curtains. Today I stayed calm.

Now I’m watching The Masters while Erin prepares food for Easter. Her parents are coming over tomorrow for dinner. Apparently we are out of sugar so I’m heading out now to get more.

Apr 05

Transport Success

The trip was successful. We managed to get the freezer out of my parents basement, into the truck and eventually into my basement. The worst was pulling it out of my parents basement but dragging it around the back of my house wasn’t that easy either. However I’m extremely happy I have a walk out basement. We also brought down a queen sized mattress and box-spring along with some wood I bought yesterday at Lowe’s.

The Budget truck worked out great. I had a 10′ truck reserved but all they had was a 15′ truck this morning. They didn’t charge me any extra so it was fine with me. The entire experience was so much better than my previous experiences with uhaul that I would never use uhaul again.

Apr 03

Quick Trip Home

I haven’t posted in awhile but not much has changed. We’re heading to my parents house tomorrow. We haven’t been there since Christmas so its about time. We’re also bringing home a queen mattress set and a full size freezer. I have a Budget truck scheduled for Sunday morning. I can wait to fill the freezer with lots of random meat.