Jun 18

Back Breaking Work

I have a lot of Home Improvement tasks in progress right now. مواقع العاب The big one for the weekend is the 6 cubic yards of mulch currently waiting for me in a big pile outside. Its going to be around 90 degrees Fahrenheit both days this weekend so we’ll see how much gets moved.

May 19

Mower Maintenance

This morning was the yearly John Deere tune-up on the mower. available sizes of tablets of stromectol

  • replaced the oil filter
  • replaced the fuel filter
  • changed the oil
  • replaced the spark plug
  • sharpened the blades
  • greased and lubed joints
  • checked the belts
  • checked the tire pressure
  • checked the engine pressure

He said we’re going to need new blades next year since we have a new lawn. New lawns are murder on blades apparently. abus ivera 7220 The most interesting part was when he told me cleaning the mower is not a good idea. Leaving it dirty is best. A lot of people hose it off right after they finish mowing when the ball bearings are hot. The hot bearings don’t like the cold water and the water can get inside and ruin the pulleys. He told me a story about a guy who had 60 hours clocked on his mower and it was spotless. When he told the guy that his pulleys were shot and he should stop cleaning it, the guy responded with, replace the pulleys, I’m not stopping cleaning it. So basically keeping the mower dirty is a good thing and will help it last a long time. However what I do need to do is to scrape the underside of the deck more oftern to allow the blades to cut better. ivermectin apotek

Apr 11

Saturday House Work

Busy day at the house. I rebuilt the guest room with the old/new queen bed and put back all the furniture and curtains. Once that was finished, I put up the new curtains in the dining room. نادي اتلتيكو That actually was pretty easy. I’m known to experience great frustration while hanging curtains. كيف اكسب فلوس من النت Today I stayed calm.

Now I’m watching The Masters while Erin prepares food for Easter. نادي لوس أنجلوس Her parents are coming over tomorrow for dinner. Apparently we are out of sugar so I’m heading out now to get more.

Apr 05

Transport Success

The trip was successful. We managed to get the freezer out of my parents basement, into the truck and eventually into my basement. medication ivermectin The worst was pulling it out of my parents basement but dragging it around the back of my house wasn’t that easy either. bulk ivermectin tablets small dogs However I’m extremely happy I have a walk out basement. We also brought down a queen sized mattress and box-spring along with some wood I bought yesterday at Lowe’s. drugs containing ivermectin

The Budget truck worked out great. I had a 10′ truck reserved but all they had was a 15′ truck this morning. They didn’t charge me any extra so it was fine with me. The entire experience was so much better than my previous experiences with uhaul that I would never use uhaul again.

Mar 15

Sunday Workday

Its finally to the point where we need to finish the indoor projects so that once it gets warm, we can focus on the outdoor projects. طريقة لعب كونكر Today will be prepping the 2nd guest room for painting (removing furniture, laying plastic, prepping walls) and insulating the basement pipes. I bought the insulation weeks ago but never got around to putting it up. تعلم لعبة الدومينو You can save up to per year by insulating your pipes. خريطة رالي داكار 2024 I’m a fan of that!