Jan 29

Back at it

I still need to post pictures from Thanksgiving but today I’m back to talk about lamb. The weather was too nice out yesterday (52 degrees in January!) to not grill. I fired up the BGE and smoked 2 lamb legs. While I was at it, I charred some peppers for a salad on the Weber gas. It was nice to have a break from the cold weather to squeeze in a little grilling.


Oak wood chips produce a white smoke.


2 Lamb legs studded with garlic, ginger and onion on indirect heat.


2 hours later with the sauce on them.


Charred peppers for the salad.

Oct 30

Buffalo Burgers

Erin made some Asian inspired buffalo burgers tonight. I volunteered to grill them up. The propane is starting to get a bit thick but the Weber lit on the first try.
imageBefore the flip.

imageAlmost ready to eat.

Oct 23

New Charcoal Container

I’m tired of my charcoal collecting moisture in the basement so I constructed a small wheeled rubber container today. I picked up a 10gal/50lb rubber container, 4 casters and some nuts, bolts and washers at Lowes yesterday.

imageThe finished product.

imageThe wheels.

imageReady to go!