Aug 16

Keep up the good work

The Eagles have embraced blogging this year. For those of you who are hard core Eagles fans like myself know that has won multiple awards over the year for being the best NFL team website. This year they took that even further. They have a blog set up that they use to provide quick updates for various types of news. Its great. I can get my Eagles fix all day long. Its like but focused on the Eagles but with facts and not rumors. Fantastic.

Apr 25

2009 Draft Day

The rumors are flying again that the Eagles will pick up a QB in the first round. Its unbelievable if that happens. Seriously what the hell is going on down there. They better do something productive like picking up a  O or D lineman. Only time will tell and I will be all ready for disappointment by late afternoon.

Jan 23

A good day to grill

I managed to keep up with my “grill once a month until it gets warm” plan tonight. I grilled up a bunch of hotdogs for Erin and I. Last month we did pizza when Jeff, Amanda and Tom came over. I really want to grill at least once a month until I can get back to my regular schedule of 4-5 grill days a week. I’m already sick of the cold. Its going to be a long 3 months.

On a side note, the NFL 1st round draft schedule was just released. Is it bad that I’m looking forward to the draft more than I am for the Superbowl???