Oct 22

robWillis.org is now FASTER

My fantastic hosting company, Dreamhost, moved robwillis.org to a new server this week. Its so much faster now. That means I’ll do more work on it. The site is loading faster and the administration consoles I use for WordPress are tremendously faster. Thank you Dreamhost. You guys rock!

Jun 21


I read about the new Yummly meta-food-website search engine over at TechCrunch tonight. It looks promising. One of things I dislike about a lot of the major food sites is the lack of robust search filtering. Yummly has the most search options I’ve seen in awhile. I’m going to try this site out next time I need a recipe that I don’t have in a cookbook.

Jun 17

WordPress 3.0 Update

I love WordPress 3.0. I love it so much that I even may start blogging again. It makes configuring widgets and themes easy. This is really great. It only took 2 minutes to install too. I remember spending entire nights upgrading WordPress years ago. Welcome to robWillis.org 11.