Jun 14

Random Bits

It was a busy day today. After the farmers market and food shopping, we headed to Lowe’s to pick up a few yard items. Then I spent some time working in the garage on the bookcase. I need to pick up a drum sander attachment for the drill and a compass to draw arcs.

I’m very excited that we’re getting a BGE next weekend. I think I’ll start a grill/bbq collection. 🙂

May 18

Good Result

I saw the Dr. today to review the results of my MRI. Everything is normal. He found some slight fluid build up so something must be causing that but he and the radiologist both couldn’t see anything. No surgery for me. The plan is for more time and activity restriction. Once it feels better, I can start riding the bike in the gym.

May 17

Getting Ready

One week until the big party. Things are in full swing here. We’ve been cleaning like a tornado. I cleaned the grill last weekend which took 3.5 hours. This weekend we did a lot of stuff in the house and Erin did a lot in the garage. We also did some planting around the house and I dealt with a few odd jobs outside as well. I hope the landscapers can come this week and put in the garden. The rain is delaying their ability to catch up on their schedule. We still have a few weeks before the patio is going in.

This year we’re doing 2 grills for Memorial Day; one propane and one wood charcoal. Its going to be a grilling extravaganza!

May 12

Still Here

I haven’t been around these parts in awhile. Not much to report. I took a day off today to catch up on house stuff. It felt good to get a bunch of little things done.

I’m hoping we get the garden bed installed soon. If it stays dry, the landscapers may be here late this week. The patio is 3 to 4 weeks away but that’s okay. The priority is the garden bed.

I have a MRI scheduled for my right knee tomorrow. It hasn’t been right for over a year. I hope the result will explain what is going on. Even if I don’t do anything about it, I want to know what is wrong.