Dec 23

Lamp Post

The worst cast scenario for the new lamp post is it running from 5pm to 7am whitch is 14 hours. Based on my current power generation numbers, a 60 watt bulb costs me $1.25 to run for 14 hours. I switched to an outdoor 13 watt CFL bulb today and now it costs me $0.27 to run for 14 hours. I save $0.98 a night. The bulb cost me $3.97 so after about 4 nights I will already be saving money. Jackpot!

Aug 26

Road Trip!

We are back from our road trip vacation. We ate a ton of food, saw lots of football and walked many many miles. Definitely one of the surprises of the of the trip was walking next to Rick Bayless on the street during our last night in Chicago. I didn’t recognize him until Erin basically slapped me in the side multiple times. 🙂  I only got some blurry photos but it was very cool since we ate at his restaurant 3 nights before.

Aug 16

Outdoor Smoking and Computing

This post is confirmation that I get “good” wireless signal from my patio. This is the first time I’ve tried it out since the patio went in. At the old house the signal was “low” out on the patio. It had to do with the fact that the signal had to go through multiple walls and floors. The router was in the front of the house and the patio was in the back of the house.  Here in the new house, the router is still on the 2nd floor but in the back of the house conveniently located just above the patio.

I have a chicken split in half smoking on the BGE right now. My laptop is going to smell like mesquite when I go to work tomorrow. 🙂

Life is good.