May 03

Train in NZ

We took a 5 hour train and a 3 hour ferry ride yesterday to get from Christchurch to Wellington. The train was great. It had an outdoor viewing car.

Apr 28

New Zealand



Most our pictures are on the digital camera so here are just 2. One is a winery we visited and the other is from our hotel room.

Mar 30

GC Update – Following Week

Everything has been running smooth with the olde LeSabre. Its actually running quite well. I haven’t given it a long New Jersey work trip yet but that’ll come soon enough. I’ve done enough around here that I know its definitely fixed..for now.

Mar 24

GC Update Day #9

After a few days of no progress, the mechanic had a breakthrough on Monday. He determined that it was indeed the ignition module. Of course that is the more expensive part of the two but that’s just how things go. There’s a chance that the transmission is still a problem but there’s no way of telling until the ignition module is replaced. I’m picking up the Golden Cloud tomorrow morning. Its ready to go. I should know pretty quickly if the problem still exists. Lets hope not.

On a different note, we leave for New Zealand in a month. I can’t believe its almost here.