Apr 29

Quick Pizza

Made a quick pizza on the grill tonight using up some frozen dough we had. It was decent considering the dough quality. The good news is that now its time to make new dough.


Also wanted to include a link to The Hog Blog. I’ve recently discovered it and really enjoy his photos and recipes. Check out this post about What causes a smoke ring.

Apr 23

Fresh Made Hamburgers

I used our new kitchen aid meat grinder to grind up some beef eye round. I used part of it to make some hamburgers. They were a bit dry due to the lack of fat but pretty good for my first attempt. I also grilled up some broccolini. Yum.


Apr 17


I finally put together my new Weber Genesis E-310 today. It only took 2 hours surprisingly. Here are some pictures.

Fully put together

Take a look at that.

Pork Chops

Pork Chops and some Burnt Bread

I also did some more spray painting on the charcoal grill. Its already to be used again. Very excited to get all my grills working.

Apr 05

Grill Updates

The new Weber Genesis E-310 arrived yesterday. Its still in the box in the garage. I’m not assembling it until the cover arrives later this week or next week. I’m going to build it directly on the patio so I don’t have to a) lift it up steps and b) drag it through the muddy grass. In order to build it on the patio, I need to wait for the cover due to all the recent and upcoming rain.


I ordered new air vents for my trusty Weber Charcoal grill today. I had to call Weber customer support directly. Apparently not every part is available online but you can get them if you call directly. I took off the old vents today. I still want to clean it and do any touch up painting it needs. I have Rustoleum High Temperature Black spray paint ready to go. Apparently I can’t replace the lid vent because its attached with a rivet and not a screw. Weber support didn’t know what to go. She was surprised to hear that the grill is around 15 years old. I should have it ready to go by Memorial Day.