Smoked Lamb Breast

We bought the lamb breast from Woodsong Hoollow Farm last year during the Skippack Farmers’ Market. It was in our freezer for the good part of a year and we finally thought it was time to cook it. We looked up some recipes online and found some good ideas to start. As usual, we adapted the information our own way.

1 large lamb breast

Mix: olive oil, salt, pepper, piri piri (from Portugal), lots of rosemary and lots of garlic.

After cutting off a lot of the fat, I rubbed it with the mix. I preheated the Big Green Egg to 250 degrees F. and laid it on the v-rack. I need to get the BGE plate setter and/or the 2nd tier rack but until then the v-rack will have to due.

I used 2 hand fulls of water soaked apple chips to add some smoke and flavor. After about 2.15 hours, I coated it with a baste of lemon zest, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and more piri piri. I raised the heat to 350 degrees for the last 45 minutes to add a bit of crunch.

It turned out very good. I will say that this is the most “rustic” piece of meat that I have ever cooked. It had a lot of bones, cartilage and fat but those crispy bits were the best. Mmm. Honestly cooking anything for 3 hours on a Sunday has to be delicious, right?

Erin made a sauce consisting of tomatoes, dijon mustard, thyme, balsamic vinegar. The sauce with the meat was great. Highly recommended.