Turkey 2009

I’m spending hours on turkey preparation research this year. I have most things figured out.

  • Bringing Recipe
  • Cooking Preparation
  • Cooking Procedure and Time-line

This years a bit more complicated because Erin wants it cooked on the BGE to free up the oven. It will be a challenge. I hope I don’t ruin Thanksgiving.  I need to figure out what to cook it in. An aluminum pan from the grocery store should work from what I’m reading on the BGE forums. If its too big for the egg, the cheap aluminum can bend. I still need to find something to act as a direct heat blocker so that the bottom of the pan doesn’t burn. I’m thinking a cookie sheet with the BGE feet to raise the roaster up a bit to allow air flow.

Next I need to come up with a formal time-line of turkey cooking tasks working backwards from a 2pm Thanksgiving Day dinner time.

–Update: I just found my cooking vessel answer here. Thank you Mad Max.