Month: June 2009

  • Shady Bastards

    “The heat is being turned up on big propane companies who last summer quietly reduced the amount of fuel in canisters without telling their customers.” -via

  • Smoke Heaven

    One piece of newspaper stated an entire day of bbq’ing. My homemade charcoal starter worked perfectly on the large BGE. After 15 minutes it was hot enough to cook the corn and geen peppers. I continued with bacon wrapped shrimp with a spicey peppery sauce (this may be our new signature dish). Finally I started…

  • Random Bits

    It was a busy day today. After the farmers market and food shopping, we headed to Lowe’s to pick up a few yard items. Then I spent some time working in the garage on the bookcase. I need to pick up a drum sander attachment for the drill and a compass to draw arcs. I’m…

  • I hear something they want