Feb 15

Spring is here

I’m declaring winter is over no matter what the temperature is outside. I had my first Sam Adams White Ale this weekend. That means its springtime.

Feb 10

Hooked up

The HD Comcast box is in place and my optical audio cables came today. I’m fully connected. The last things to do are to tune the picture on the tv and the audio with the receiver. I also can’t seem to get the comcast box to work with the optical audio. I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

I think the announcer on the dog show tonight looks like Jamie from Mythbusters.

Feb 02

More Inches Equals More Power

There was a change of schedule this week. The new TV came today. Its great. I’m watching a DVD right now. I can’t wait to get the HD box tomorrow and additional cables later this week. I should be in great shape by the weekend. This is fantastic. I love it.